How to Hide Breakouts

You wash your face every morning and apply a bevvy of ointments every night, but you still cannot seem to avoid periodic breakouts. Whether you’re teenage girl or an adult man, acne breakouts are an embarrassing ordeal. Inexperienced attempts to conceal such breakouts often make matters worse and lead to botched results. The idea that only women can wear concealer or makeup is a myth; men should take advantage of modern cosmetics to look and feel their best. Fortunately, individuals of both sexes can successfully camouflage blemishes by utilizing the concealer application techniques used by professionals.

Things You'll Need

  • Green concealer (stick or powder)
  • Concealer pencil (flesh tone)
  • Cream-based concealer (flesh tone)
  • Fluffy makeup brush
  • Translucent powder
  • Latex sponge

Tips For You

  1. Apply a small amount of green-tinted powder or stick concealer over affected portions of skin to neutralize redness. Lightly tap over concealer with your ring finger to soften color.
  2. Work concealer pencil around breakout regions and over specific blemishes. Use the concealer pencil to cover over particularly sensitive or inflamed skin.
  3. Apply a small amount -- about one-eighth of a dime -- of cream-based concealer to your wrist. Pick up half of the concealer with a clean, fluffy makeup brush. Apply cream concealer to face with smooth, circular motions. Blend until natural, even color is achieved at all application sites.
  4. Coat a latex sponge or clean makeup brush with a fine layer of translucent powder. Apply the powder with even, downward motions to all portions of the skin on which you have already applied concealer to prevent color slippage and to set the cream concealer.
  5. Carefully review the breakout area in front of a strongly lit mirror. Apply translucent powder with small circular motions over remaining areas that appear oily.