These Are The 4 Common Bad Habits That Are Killing Our Brain Cells

Contrary to a widely known belief, a person does not have a limited supply of brain cells. Of course, the majority of them usually grow early in life, but some areas of the brain continuously growing during adulthood and beyond, this process is known as neurogenesis.

The hippocampus is one of these parts and it is one of the most essential part of the brain which plays a major role is memory, emotion, as well as learning. However, as time goes by and as people grow older, numerous factors compete with neurogenesis that eventually kills brain cells

Actually, it is not smoking weed and drinking alcohol causes brain cell deaths instead, the reason behind it is more common that you will never expect. Here are five of them:

Losing Sleep

Reaching REM sleep is essential because it is during this time where the brain is working hard and doing its best to keep you asleep such as causing paralysis limbs during the state of dreams that will also activate brain regions that is responsible for learning. This is where memories are combined and stored, as well as energy that is being restored.

As a result, it is not surprising that someone who continuously loses sleep will have a hard time in focusing, making decision, as well as engaging themselves in both learning and social circumstances.


Smoke have found out to lead to brain damage, but with all of its toxins, there is a definitely an impact to affect the brain and it turned out that there are several of them.

If that is not bad enough for you, then, here is another study that was published in India and has found a component in cigarettes that is known as NNK that could lead to exaggerated response in the white blood cells in the brain, which forces them to kill the healthy brain cells as well.


The widely known mistaken belief that alcohol has the ability to kill brain cells originates from the fact that it triggers an entire range of body processes. One of these processes is the “breaking the seal,” where the moment when you have use the bathroom after consuming several bottles of beers, and resisting it more often than the usual for the rest of the night.

As you drink more, the alcohol overpowers the hormone that was known as vasopressin, which is accountable for retaining the water inside the body. This actually makes your body unable to hold the urine in, and it will eventually lead to dehydration, which is also the reason behind hangovers.

Since 75% of the brain is made out of water, it would be somebody’s duty that while drinking a couple glasses of vodka-cranberry, they should also consume a large glass of water at the same time.


Most number of people agrees that there’s been that one day or week where everything seems goes wrong and difficult. Trying to solve numerous problems is really stressful. But due to the way of the body of rising to the challenges, it usually assists people with enhanced of both concentration and focus.

Nonetheless, the body can only take so much of it, after a specific point of time and it will eventually backfire, tossing off concentration that will lead to irritability, as well as killing your energy.

All of these can be the reason behind the stress hormone that is known as cortisol, which is released from the adrenal gland during the stressful situations. The hormone triggers numerous biological processes with the purpose of averting energy where it is most needed such as digestion, and it stops while the heart rate upsurges.

According to lasts year study, people who are suffering from chronic stress, however, the levels of cortisol can become extremely excessive that will make the brain produce more amounts of myelin-producing cells and fewer numbers of neurons.

Myelin is known as the fatty compound that makes the brain’s white matter, as well as accelerating the communication between one neuron from another. But these changes in the brain, as the researchers have said, may lead to a higher risk of a person to mental health illness such as schizophrenia, as well as anxiety disorder.

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