Warning Signs Of A Heart Disease In Early 30's

What was once considered an old-age disease is now striking many people at a rather young age. Heart diseases are becoming more than just common these days. At what age it may hit a person has become very unpredictable.

A person who may seem to be very healthy and fit can one day suffer from a heart disease. The reasons of this rise in heart ailments can be many. Exercising every day and leading an active life are not enough.

There are hidden factors lying dormant that may surface. There are several warning signs of heart diseases in early 30s, which may help prevent an unwanted situation later on in life.

Thirties is the time when one is finally settling down and moving into a stable life. Family has to be taken care of and provided for. Children become a huge responsibility, and their upbringing becomes one major goal in our life.

In such times, if there is a heart ailment, life can be thrown out of gear. A possible heart problem can be detected if one keeps close observation of oneself. These signs of heart diseases in the early 30s come as a silent warning, which should not be overlooked.

These are very subtle signs, but are worth paying some attention to, especially if the disease runs in your family.

Do you always feel tired? You may have taken a good rest, slept well yet do not feel fresh. Throughout the day you feel that underlying tiredness is bugging you and you are not able to concentrate well on your work.
Do not take this sign lightly but get yourself checked at the earliest.

Shortness of breath:
Feeling short on breath is not just a result of sudden physical strain. Sometimes, even a little bit of exercise or extra physical work can leave you out of breath.
If this becomes a regular feature, this could be one of the warning signs of heart diseases in your early 30s.

Chest pain:
In the early thirties, one never anticipates a heart disease. It seems impossible at this age and small troubles are often overlooked, especially by women.
A chest pain could be dismissed as heartburn and acidity. Try to recognise the kind of pain you are experiencing. If it is a griping kind of a pain somewhere in the center and very severe, you need to go to your doctor.
Along with this, if the pain is felt on either sides of the arms, do not delay and see a doctor right away.

Change is lifestyle and food habits have led to many changes, especially in the health department. Relying too much on ready-made meals, ready-to-cook packets, and a lack in exercise has given rise to obesity from a very young age.
This eventually leads to type II diabetes, high blood pressure and, in many cases, heart diseases. Take control of your lifestyle, as these could be the warning signs of heart diseases in your early 30s.

Anxiety can be way beyond a simple anxious feeling for a particular issue or problem. Constantly being anxious and troubled about a particular matter can leave you affected with heart ailments.
It is normal to be anxious about issues in life, but when this feeling goes beyond a certain limit the heart can get affected.

Sleep disturbance:
Troubles in life, responsibilities to fulfill, work pressure, etc, are situations that almost all of us have to go through. Some handle these situations with a smile, whereas some with a frown.
Being stressed can lead to sleep disturbances, and if this becomes a regular feature, a strike on the heart will not be far away.

Dental plaque:
The mouth can be one of the signs of early heart diseases in 30s. Maintain healthy oral habits and look out for any kind of change.
Plaque is one of the very notable signs, along with a constant bad breath.
These are some warning signs of heart diseases to be taken care of in your early 30s. However, do not get worked up on any of them. All you need to do is to get a regular health checkup done at intervals to be sure that all is running fine.

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