6 Exercises For A Flat Belly That You Can Do Right In A Chair

Working in an office confers a lot of benefits. Even so, sitting for extended periods can pose serious risks to your health. Data from 47 scientific studies indicate that sitting for long periods increases your chances of developing cancer, cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, and obesity.

Luckily, in this post are 6 flat belly exercises you can perform to regain your vigour and stamina!

Exercise # 6: Knee to Chest Lift


This exercise helps strengthen your abs, enhances your digestion, and helps burn excess body fats.

How to Do It

  • Take a seated position on a chair. Then, hold your back straight without touching the chair's back.
  • Place your feet firmly on the floor, a half-width apart
  • While keeping your back straight, elevate the right knee and pull it into your chest. At the same time, suck your belly in.
  • Place your hands on your shin to better extend the lower abs.
  • For each knee, perform between 20 and 30 reps.

Exercise # 5: Double Knee Lift


Use this exercise to simultaneously and gently work out your midsection muscles.

How to Do It

  • Bring your legs close together.
  • Now, using both hands, grab onto the chair's sides.
  • Maintain your back in a straight position. Lift up your knees, and force them into your chest. While doing so, tense the abdominal muscles.
  • Lower your feet down to a hovering position over the floor.
  • Redo 10 to 20 times.

Exercise # 4: Double Knee Lift with Body Side Bends

Perform this exercise to contour your midriff. Working out your oblique muscles burns fats that accumulate on the side of your belly.

How to Do It

  • Find a straight-backed chair. Sit on the chair's edge while firmly holding onto it with both hands.
  • Then, angle your body to the side, and sit on only one glute.
  • Bring your legs close together, and raise both knees to your chest as described in Exercise 5.
  • Assume the starting position, and repeat the instruction above for the opposite side.
  • Redo 10 to 20 times for each side.

Exercise # 3: Bending

Useful in the burning of excess fats on your paunch and hips.

How to Do It

  • Place both feet firmly on the floor.
  • Then, raise your arms straight to assume a shoulder high position.
  • Rotate the upper torso to the right. Bend and touch your left foot with the right arm. Maintain this stance for some time.
  • Resume the starting position. Now, bend over to your right foot to bring it into contact with your left hand.
  • Do 20 to 30 reps for each bend.

Exercise # 2: Body Lift Above a Chair

Regularly doing this exercise will help you burn fat extra fast. Also, it tones the belly, shoulders, and back muscles. However, you need a stationary chair to safely execute this exercise.

How to Do It

Sit on a stationary chair, not a rolling one. While in the seated position, tightly grab both arms of the chair. Raise your body to make your legs and hips hover over the floor. Next, use the abs to raise your legs to your chest. Maintain this position for between 15 and 20 seconds. And slowly, return to the starting position. Give yourself a short break. Rehash this exercise 4 times

Exercise # 1: Knee to Elbow Lift

This is a highly recommended exercise for firming the waistline. Also, it uniformly works out your abs and oblique muscles. Even so, ensure that both knees make contact with the inverse elbow. At the moment of contact, you should turn your upper torso slightly.

How to Do It

  1. Sit on a straight-backed chair, but avoid resting your torso on the chair's back. Place both hands behind the head.
  2. Raise the right knee towards the chest. While raising the knee, twist the left elbow into contact with your knee.
  3. Return to the starting position. Redo 15 times.
  4. Swap your knee and elbow, and do 15 reps.
  5. Make 4 series of this exercise, each of 15 lifts.

Bonus Exercise: Oblique Muscles Strengthening

The above 6 workouts are performed using a chair. However, for an effective workout, we recommend trying this bonus exercise. Even so, you shouldn't stray far away from a chair. This bonus exercise strengthens the glutes. Also, you can use it to burn excess fats on your belly and waist.

How to Do It

  • Assume a standing position behind a chair. Using the left hand, lean on the chair's back or arms.
  • Raise the right hand to a position above your head.
  • Slowly move your raised hand down towards the floor. While doing so, raise the right leg to make contact with the downwards-moving hand.
  • Resume the starting stance. Repeat exercise for 10 to 15 times.
  • Swap the hand and the leg. Redo exercise 10 to 15 times.
  • Make 4 series of this exercise, each of 15 lifts

What Will You Do?
A daily regimen of these exercises can benefit you in numerous ways. You'll have well-toned muscles, more energy, and a better immune system. Combine these exercises with a healthy diet and you won't wait for long before reaping these benefits. So, make it your goal to exercise daily! And good luck!