Mash A Banana And Add These 2 Ingredients! You Will Never Cough Again!

Cough is body reaction to get free from substances that are irritating to the air passages. This medical common condition happens when cells along the air passages get irritated and trigger a chain of events. That results to clear the air from lungs under pressure.

Mostly cough is caused by viral infection, bacteria or simply as a result of a cold or flu. Still, cough is natural way to clean the respiratory system from “unwanted guests”, and manner to tell that something is wrong with our body.
Pharmaceutical market offers various medication, such as syrups to lower the cough. Still in 2006, a research has led to many controversies and discussions. Researches has continually demonstrated that there is no demonstrative evidence showing that these products actually do anything to help bring relief to a cough. They attributed their actions to the placebo effect, and pure advertising.


– 2 ripe bananas

– 2 tablespoons of organic honey

– 400 ml. of water


Add boiled water to mashed bananas and leave them to cool for 30minutes. Then add the honey.

Take this remedy 4 times daily 100ml. it will get rid of the cough, provide nutrients, help you sleep better and stimulate serotonin production. The honey will provide the same effect.