Apply Onions on Your Neck Before Going to Bed and See What Happens

Onion has so many health benefits. It can help you clean your skin; it kills bacteria and germs and it can do wonders for your blood. Dr. Igor Knjazkin from St. Petersburg, Russia claims that onions can also help you treat thyroid gland disorder.

Dr. Igor recommends cutting one red onion in half and then massage the thyroid gland area with the two onion halves by using light, circular motions. Once you massage the area, go to bed without washing it off. The onion juice will naturally improve the function of your thyroid gland.

Other Benefits of Onions:

– It purifies the blood.

– It can help you kill bacteria, germs and pathogens.

– It cleans the air.

Onions Can Help You Fight Colds
Onions are really effective against colds. Drink a cup of onion tea or eat a whole onion after the first symptom of a cold. Raw onions can help you clean your sinuses and onion tea can help you soothe your sore throat.

Onions Can Help You Against High Fever
To reduce high fever put some onions along with some potatoes and minced garlic in a pair of socks. Wear the socks for a while. The high temperature will be decreased in the next 1-2 hours.

Onions Are Great For Curing Coughs
This simple recipe can help you soothe and cure your cough. Strip off one onion and cut it in half. Put ½ tbsp. of brown sugar on top of every half. Leave the onion to rest for 1 hour and then collect the syrupy content. Take the syrup two times a day.

Onions For Wax Build Up and Earaches
A piece of onion in your ear can help you ease any ear pain. Put the onion before you go to sleep and leave it overnight. You’ll feel a lot better in the morning.

Onions Can Help You Heal a Cut
Grab an onion and cut it in half. Use the translucent onion skin to cover you cut. Don’t worry, apply the skin directly on it. Change the onion skin twice a day until your cut cures. Onion will also help you stop any infection on your cut.

Onions Can Help You Heal a Burn
Use an onion in case you have burnt in the kitchen. To heal your burns, cut the onion on a half and apply it on burned place for 2-3 minutes. The onion will help burn to heal and calm. To increase the healing process, beat some egg whites and apply on the burned place. The egg whites form a protective layer. Then, cover it with clean gauze. Repeat this if it is needed. You will be definitely amazed by the results.

Onion Juice Can Cure Surgical Wounds
Onions are really effective for healing incisions. Rub an onion directly on your incision and see the amazing results. Onions can help you heal because it contains anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. It can also help you prevent the appearing of scars.

Onions Can Sooth Insect Bites and Bee Stings
If you’re stung by a bee, take off the stinger with your nails. Once it’s removed, apply some onion. The onion will decrease your swelling and act like a natural antihistamine.

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