7 Things Your Period Blood Color Says About Your Health

For so long, period has been a taboo topic in our society. Not only is this unfair to the fair sex, it could also lead to a lot of health hazards because people were too shy to discuss their periods with others. Studies have found that the color of the period blood can tell a lot about the condition of your health. And so women need to be more observant of the color of their blood during periods as an anomaly might point towards a potential health issue. Here are 7 things that should make you take notice and contact a doctor:

1. Blood which is pinkish in color

We all know that blood is supposed to be red. But there are certain situations in which it might start appearing pink. This happens when the levels of estrogen in your body are very low. This is not something to be taken lightly. Not only is a healthy estrogen level needed for hormonal balance, loss of estrogen might indicate bone related troubles such as osteoporosis when you get older.

2. Watery discharge

If your period blood is so light in color that it appears like water you might be suffering from severe nutrient deficiency. It might also be an indication of ovarian cancer. Don’t panic if this is the case, just book an appointment with your gynaecologist soon.

3. Dark brown blood

If your blood is way too dark red that it seems brownish, it might mean that this isn’t as fresh and must have been within you for quite some time. Not to worry though, it is a very common thing to happen and has not been associated with any health trouble so far.

4. Thick viscosity, the consistency of jam

If your period blood comes with clots that look like globs of jam- you might be suffering from hormonal imbalance. This happens when the levels of progesterone in your body are much lower and estrogen is at an all time high. Your uterus might also have the presence of fibroids if these clots are too frequent. Nothing much to worry about though.

5. Blood which looks like a mixture of grey and red

Grey color making an appearance in your period blood is definitely not a good sign. First of all, if you have missed a couple of periods before this- it might mean that you were pregnant and miscarried. Otherwise it is a sign of an STD or STI. So you should get yourself checked soon.

6. Blood which can be described as cranberry red

This is the safest option. It means s that yo
u are healthy and having a healthy period. However you should still see your gynaecologist on regular intervals.

7. Blood which is orange tinged

Orange blood too is not a good indication like grey blood. It usually means an STD or STI. But the orange blood won’t be the only thing strange in your pants if that’s the case. You would also suffer from severe pains and a very bad odor if STD or STI is a possibility.