How Often Should You Make Love According to Your Age (Chart)

Have you ever questioned yourself if you make love to your partner too often or not enough? It is a general problem nowadays of our everyday life that we do not have enough quality time with our partner. Add the stress to this one and the fact that we are so different and there you have it.

According to some people, they find that having sex two times a week is just enough. However, there are people who does not think the same, and this is just not enough according to them. Their opinion is that it is required much more than only two times weekly.

A Kinsey Institute research about how often you shall make love according to your age has shown the following results:

Here is what the results showed:

16-29: on average 192 times a year; 30-39 years: on average 144 times a year; 40-49 years: on average 108 times a year; 50-64 years: on average 78 times a year. In addition to this, 13% of the married couples have sex only a couple of times in a year and 45% of them have sex a couple of times in a month. Furthermore, 34% have sex two to three times in one week, and 7 % of the married couples have sex four or more times per week. Afterwards, one website called “Your Tango” have conducted their own research amongst their readers who are married, with the intention to find out which are the minimal, average and ideal number of sexual activities during the course of one month.

· Minimum: Twice a month;

· Average: Twice a week;

· Ideal: Four to five times a week.