Place a Clothespin on Your Ear For 20 Seconds. The Results Will Surprise You!

Acupuncture is the ancient method of putting tiny pins in the body to relief the stress and pain. But, it’s a technique that specialists study for a long time.

Doing it by yourself may not seem like a very smart thing to do. However, doing a self-made acupuncture at your house might just be OK for pain in some places of the body you could not harm yourself that easily, such as your finger, or even – your ears.

The most nerve endings are found in the fingertips – that’s why we feel even the slightest difference in touch or temperature with them. But did you know that ears also have a huge number of pressure points that are directly connected to the central nervous system?

The sensitivity and reflexology of the ear is so ancient, that it was nurtured in acupuncture even by the old Egyptians.

I present to you some of the basic points that can help you relieve pain naturally, by simply putting a clothespin on your ear – never go really deep!

  • to ease the pain and stiffness of your back and shoulders, place the pin on the very top portion of your ear
  • to clear your sinuses and other throat issues, put the pin in the lower middle-section of your ear
  • the section below the top of the ear helps relief mild organ discomfort
  • the upper middle section of the ear, when pinned, can help reduce pain in your joints
  • if you place a pin just above the earlobe, you can help digestion and relieve other upset stomach issues
  • if you feel a headache or a stronger heartbeat and higher pressure, place the clothespin directly on your earlobe.

Final tip:

The pins shouldn’t feel like you’re actually “sitting on needles”. Put them and keep them just a few minutes, but several times in the day when you feel pain.

However, if your issues are more serious than just some occasional pain, you should definitely ask doctor’s assistance.