It’s Possible That You’ve Had Coronavirus Without Knowing It: 8 Signs That Your Organism Defeated The Virus

Is it possible that you’ve already had the coronavirus without even knowing? Well, some experts claim that is possible to overcome the virus without even knowing you’re infected. Some people don’t experience any symptoms.

One new research has shown that eye infections, such as conjunctivitis can be a symptom of the coronavirus. The researchers add that conjunctivitis can’t be the only symptom, but it has to be accompanied by fever, dry cough and other symptoms.

Dry cough

It’s one of the most common symptoms of the coronavirus.


Although it’s not an official symptom, many patients diagnosed with the virus, claimed that they had experienced fatigue.

High Temperature

High temperature and fever are also some of the most common symptoms of the virus.

Difficulties with breathing

Pressure in your chest and having trouble breathing are also symptoms of the coronavirus.

Losing the sense of smell and taste

The scientist explains the most recent symptom of the coronavirus is losing the sense of smell and taste.


One study shows that 45.5% of the patients diagnosed had diarrhea.

A healthy organism with strong immune system is capable of defeating the virus, without showing any symptoms.