Simple And Effective Natural Remedy To Get Rid Of Bad Cough

Cough and common cold are health problems that many people face with. To get rid of them, you could try this simple and effective remedy.

You need:

  • honey
  • flour
  • olive oil
  • gauze

How to prepare:

You need small quantities of flour and honey and mix them until you get a homogenous mixture then add a few drops of olive oil and mix again to incorporate well the oil. The mixture shouldn’t be sticky!

Place the mixture on a napkin and put the napkin on gauze. Apply the bandage on the chest or on the back, where the pain located, and stick the bandage with medical adhesive tape. It is recommended that the bandage be applied at night before bedtime. Put on your pajamas and go to sleep, leaving the mixture to act overnight. Remove it in the morning and take a warm shower, not hot!

It is recommended to apply this treatment for several days until the cough and cold symptoms have disappeared.